There is no stopping the process through which we are going to experience the best upgrades for this year and that should encourage most of us to make sure that we can keep up with the ever growing planet of technology. I am waiting for the time when you can be apart of a game and can use your actions to play the whole game.


Sony’s PlayStation 4 made its grand debut today in a presentation with all the theatrical flair to be expected from an electronics company that’s also a media company that’s also a producer and publisher of blockbuster video games. But the pomp hides a hurting heart: Sony’s FY 2012 financial results saw it swallow a $5.74 billion loss, with PS3, PSP and PS2 hardware sales all down versus the previous year. And Microsoft is playing the home media center card to perfection, hedging bets against a future where a dedicated gaming console isn’t the draw it once was.

Sony did more than unveil a next-gen gaming platform today: it answered the question of how it would adapt to this changing world. And the answer might not be what you were expecting: Sony made a point of saying it was moving away from the living room, and putting the gamer at the center of…

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