Mobile for Africa

As Africa trying to play catch up with the rest of the world; the rest of the world is running faster. Its like trying to put new wine in old wine skins; Africa arise.

In the mobile world we have had advanced mobile technology and inventions of new systems that are not common to the African man, that has not stop the effect of education to boost the ability to be able to learn how to use some if not all of these systems. In Kenya once a new phone is put to the global market, before you know it a shipment is already on its way to this wealthy market something that was not possible 5 or 6 years before.

Since this is the new trend and this is going to replace what we used to know in terms of marketing, TV, huge billboards, desktop websites and the rest. The mobile is going to get all that and re-size them to fit on my phone screen so that in the privacy of my own comfort I am able to see what I want and make decisions on how I want to spend my time, money and much more. So Africa has been able to adopt to the rest of the world and could if they want to takeover as the next best potential market for new and innovative mobile systems. was the first idea that we came up with to be able to bridge the gap between the different sectors of the market. To be able to have your lifestyle on your mobile phone is the whole idea.

In Africa especially here in Kenya we love to have fun and take time to enjoy the best things in life which are still free but we need to be able to reach them when we need them. The mobile life will allow most of us to enjoy the best things in life since we can now have enough time to think and make the choices that are key for that life that we so long for.

Statistics show that more people in Africa especially in Kenya are adopting to the smartphone and that is as well key to the sells that most of the phone makers are enjoying here in Kenya. Consider this as a proclamation to the rest of the World, Africa is going to be the next best idea in mobile technology and adopting to the best systems that are available…


So now everyone is thinking mobile then we all need to know how to think mobile too if we have businesses

There is clearly no limit to what can be done with social media, i commend you Amibar. I am going to get as many people hooked as I can


Lots of startups have tried to take the videos your friends share on Facebook (s FB) and turn them into some kind of social video programming, but no one has quite done it like Social Studios. The Los Angeles and Israel-based startup has teamed up with actress Noa Tishby  to actually produce an Entertainment Tonight-like show that features videos, status updates and photos from your Facebook timeline.

Your Show, which launched Monday night, may not have the most compelling title, but the idea behind it is interesting: Social Studios CEO Anat Amibar told me Monday that she got the inspiration for the show when a colleague of hers bought a smart TV a little more than a year ago. They tried out the TV’s Facebook app and immediately thought that this concept can be done better. “Facebook on a smart TV is like an old mobile version…

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So now a new product already and we the users of other Galaxy family have to upgrade. The big question for me is how many times I am going to have to upgrade every year. The creative minds that are working around the clock to make sure we have the best products are work. My only solution is to make sure that the Bank is full of the creative Benjamin so that I can keep up. My only hope is that I will get value for money just like I have the last few Galaxy later…

There is no stopping the process through which we are going to experience the best upgrades for this year and that should encourage most of us to make sure that we can keep up with the ever growing planet of technology. I am waiting for the time when you can be apart of a game and can use your actions to play the whole game.

Well all know that technology is on the front run; now this since June 2012 is a step closer to make the major difference for this year 2013. This is a good family gift to help keep a lasting memory.