The best way to fight a war, if this happens would be an example to other players to know how it is done to enhance business and control competition…


This is going to be the reason we can say we have a global community, since sharing what is on your mind is now being embraced by businesses we are sure we are going to get more into a block of community that will allow us all share a common goal. The power of social media has not yet been felt…

So the big question for me is how far is technology going to influence the things around us. It is clear that every time we look around most things are powered by the latest technology. Some businesses say they will do fine without but I have this question. What will you do 5 years from now when the rest of the world has gone to an extent of their dealings with you?


“It sometimes seems as though the world of classical music doesn’t change. Most of the music is from a canon that may be hundreds of years old; most of the time the musicians are still formally clad, the men in the evening dress of a century ago.

In one important area, however, new ways of doing things are starting to appear. Technology is changing the ways in which musicians rehearse and perform.

Pianist Kirill Gerstein sparked intermission discussions late last year when he performed Thomas Adès concerto “Seven Days” with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra using an iPad with a wireless foot pedal in lieu of a conventional score.

In an interview, Gerstein said he’s been using his iPad for 2½ years, the first, he thinks, among classical pianists. He uses it with contemporary music, where memorization is not expected, and in chamber music.

The tablet has practical advantages: It…

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The costs involved in getting the product that far would be the reason but in any case there should be a set guideline to follow in setting prices. I would like to follow this one and see what results shall be yielded at the end of the day.

Well that is a change that we can all live with. This is the new age of innovation so tagging along with the best is the way you can get ahead in this new line of mobile technology. Ubuntu is on its way so that means that we are going to enjoy better services from the on going competition.