This is going to be the reason we can say we have a global community, since sharing what is on your mind is now being embraced by businesses we are sure we are going to get more into a block of community that will allow us all share a common goal. The power of social media has not yet been felt…


American Express has extended its Twitter sync feature to enable customers who have synced their Amex account information with Twitter to also pay for certain products by tweeting purchase hashtags.

Amex launched its original Twitter Sync feature last March — to allow customers get discount deals by tweeting offer hashtags. Now the card company has gone a step further by integrating payment into Twitter. Payments are made by tweeting a purchase hashtag, and retweeting the confirmation tweet from Amex within 15 minutes of receiving it. The product will then be shipped to the account billing address synced with Twitter, and payment taken from your synced Amex account.

The payment service is limited to participating merchants and products for now (and appears to be U.S.-only too) —  namely a limited number of American Express Gift Cards, and products from Amazon, Sony, Urban Zen and Xbox 360. The $25 American Express Gift Card…

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